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Press Release

James Dority
Kemiko Stain For Concrete
275 Mansfield Rd
Reno, TX 75462

Kemiko’s ‘Easy Shine’
'A Brilliant New Finish'

Kemiko’s ‘Easy Shine’ is a new water-based acrylic polymer floor finish---an outstanding addition to the Kemiko product line. This polish gives a high-gloss finish without buffing, is easy to apply, easy to clean, and offers high durability against water and scuffing.  Kemiko Easy Shine may be used over sealed decorative floor projects in any setting, whether residential, commercial, or retail. Just mop or spray it on. It is very easy to remove or recoat.  

This exceptional product was formulated by Epmar Corporation, specifically to protect and enhance Kemiko and Sta-Crete sealers that have been applied over Kemiko and Rembrandt concrete projects. Epmar has a long-term reputation (1930’s!) for superior products that stand the test of time. You will be impressed at the finished beauty of the new simple-to-apply and maintain Kemiko Easy Shine.

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