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James Dority
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February 2008

Famous Round House and Kemiko Concrete Stains stand the test of time

A breathtaking and unique structure shines like a jewel, inside and out, on a bayou in Pensacola, Florida. The Round House was designed and built in 1958 by world famous architect John Lautner, a protégé of Frank Lloyd Wright. Lautner, who died in 1994 at the age of 83, designed more than 70 homes—including the Elrod House (featured in the movie Diamonds Are Forever), the Desert Hot Springs Motel, and Bob Hope’s Palm Springs residence. rolex replica sale The Round House, one of only a few Lautner homes built outside of California, represents structural integrity and beauty. panerai replica sale It also boasts a lower living area that was, at the specification of the architect, stained with Kemiko concrete stain products.

The Round House is a 2 bedroom, 3 bath, glass and brick circular home with a 17 foot ceiling supported by sixty-eight exposed Douglas Fir beams. The living areas of the home have no dry-wall or plaster board--the walls are paneled in cypress. fake hublot It even has a self-supporting bomb shelter complete with escape tunnel, as well as many other unusual features.

Now, forty-nine years later, the Round House homeowners, who are Lautner family members, are restoring the home. Maintaining the original architectural design, materials, and products was a must, and meant re-staining the floors with Kemiko Concrete Stain.

“We’re really impressed with Kemiko’s durability, as the original stain & wax lasted half a century,” says Stephen Lautner, a cousin of John Lautner. Stephen states that although the stain never wore off of the concrete, a decision was made to give it new life. omega replica sale He was delighted that Kemiko was still in business and re-stained the floors in “Cola,” which was the closest color to the original “Rust” stain. replica watches sale A perfectionist, Stephen learned how to re-stain the floors himself, and has done so beautifully.

The Round House’s stalwart exterior has withstood time and Florida’s hurricanes. rolex replica uk Restoration of the interior honors the original design and intent, and one of the satisfying results is a Kemiko stained floor that will last another half-century or more.

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